Yiriman & The Dean Turner Project

Laneway Festival is proud to celebrate one of our local music heroes, Dean Turner, and honoured to be supporting the Yiriman Project in his name. 

Since 2011, you have raised over $250,000 which goes directly into programs devoted to helping Aboriginal youth in the Kimberley region (including a devastating suicide rate of 1 in 1,200) by taking them ‘back to Country’ in the company of their Elders, where they can begin to reconnect with their culture and strengthen their sense of identity. The Elders saw the need for a way in which youth could separate themselves from negative influences and, through the care and guidance of older generations, reconnect with their culture in remote and culturally significant places. This strategy of cultural healing from within the community has proven successful again and again in the 13 year history of the program and resulted in Yiriman winning the Reconciliation Australia 2012 Indigenous Governance Award (IGA) for outstanding examples of Indigenous governance in a non-incorporated initiative or project.

Clothing and goods donations can be sent directly to Yiriman:

Attn Janelle White
Great Northern Highway, Fitzroy Crossing WA 6765
08 9191 5317

Yiriman 2016

Buy A Bale

In June 2013 after reading the plight of Queensland farmers who were destroying their cattle and some being forced off their land, Charles Alder found he needed to do something about this problem. Coming from a family committed to helping others Charles and wife Tracy decided they needed to find out how best they could help those in this terrible situation.

After making calls to agriculture industry groups and speaking to others, and with a lifetime of experience in marketing, it was decided to create a fundraising program that explained exactly what Australians could do to help.

Why not ask Australian’s to “Buy a Bale of Hay“. 

Through a number of business contacts, thank you Bartercard, an approach was made to Sunrise the Channel 7 morning program to participate in a hay drive. Since this hay drive in September 2013, the program has delivered over 160,000 bales of hay across 4 states. But the Buy a Bale program has become more than fodder.

Today the Buy a Bale campaign is part of the charity Rural Aid, formed by Charles and Tracy to expand services and support to rural communities not only suffering through natural disasters but communities that need help remaining in existence, our rural communities are disappearing and need help.

In one of the driest countries on the planet, there will always be farmers who need assistance feeding their animals. The Buy a Bale program will be here to provide that assistance. Thank you Australia for helping us make our vision happen. 

Buy a Bale 2019