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Restart Investment to Sustain and Expand (RISE) Fund - an Australian Government Initiative

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Hey, We’re Afterpay! Our story starts back in 2014, a young guy, around your age actually, saw that his generation was hungry for a better way to pay. So, together with his neighbour, they built an app. It’s pretty cool actually. You buy something, like a Laneway ticket, and pay for it in 4 instalments over 6 weeks. Even better, there’s no interest, or fees when you pay on time. Genius. Anyway, give us a crack, we might catch ya at the festival!

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JMC Academy are here to raise the next gen of Aussie creatives. Whether you dream of becoming a muso, producer, audio engineer or just love planning gigs, JMC is your space to create. Join our crew of Alumni and make your mark on the industry with the skills, people and networks to help you make it.

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General Pants Co. is one of Australia’s largest youth fashion retailers, with 55 stores across Australia and New Zealand.

With music and art core to their DNA, General Pants Co. is recognised as a cutting edge curator of culturally-inspired fashion experiences.

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Get ready to sip on some Pals (with your pals) at Laneway Festival 2023. Pals ‘better for you’ seltzers filled with nothing but the best premium spirits and real fruit extracts for one heck of a tasty drink. Make sure to enjoy these pastel full-of-good-times cans this Laneway.

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This Laneway, enjoy a lovely, health-conscious drop from everyone’s favourite Aussie battlers, The Inspired Unemployed. They’ve taken the average beer and made it crispier and even more refreshing, you might even call it the ultimate 'Oprah Tinfrey’ - Cheers to that!

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Jameson House of Rounds is popping up at Laneway this year. You can expect all the usual good vibes, live music and great drinks. Keep an eye on our social pages and website for the line-up and make sure to get down with your crew for a round of Jamo dry & lime on the day! Looking forward to seeing you there. Sláinte

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Headline Acts, the wine for the musically minded. With a Rose Bubbles, Rose, Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz in the fruit forward and approachable range there is a drop for every tune and every occasion. Headline Acts is much more than just a wine, it is committed to backing Aussie artists and giving back to the music industry and the fans that support it. Supporting artists is the Headline Act.

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Summer is just a sip away this year at Laneway as Malibu brings you the home of good times and summer vibes. Pop open a can of Pina Colada and discover a place where we Do Whatever Tastes Good!