A new stage has been added to Laneway Festival in Adelaide featuring some pretty awesome local talent. Be sure to stop by the Vitals Stage presented by Format at some point during the day. Featured artists:

Choral Grief
Choral Grief is Adelaide's premier sad song choir.

Old Mate
Adelaide’s own eight-piece swaggar punk super group fronted by Pat Telfer of Bitch Prefect fame.

Kraut rock inspired synth jam trio. Born from dank Monday night jams at the Exeter hotel, EMU have structured a face melting onslaught of riff-heavy sci-fi rock.

Bruff Superior
Bruff Superior make music harking back to the guitar-based pop of Australian luminaries the Go-Betweens, with post-punk styling thrown in.

Body Horror
Taking cues from 70s proto punk bands as well as Australian bands St Helens and Lost Animal, Body Horror have tapped into an under utilised fusion of country and psych rock.

Divine Rip
Divine Rip reinstate a rawness into the shoegaze formula, with songs that transform from hushed melodies into sonic super-structures.

A chance encounter at a Bitch Prefect show gave birth to Adelaide’s most bare boned honest punk band. Gutsy guitar, stark bass lines and an electric viola shape self effacing ballads.

Fair Maiden
Growing from the solo project of Ellen Carey (Birth Glow), Fair Maiden blend vocal harmonies and guitar lines to create exquisitely beautiful pop songs.