Fresh from delivering a wildly successful run of festival dates in 2014, the Laneway Festival is proud to announce the line-up for its fourth annual SXSW party, presented by CultureMap Austin.

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Laneway Festival SXSW Showcase
Saturday, 15 March @ Holy Mountain, 617 E 7th Street, Austin, TX
11:45AM - 5:45PM
Free Entry (Admittance dependent on capacity)

5 20 - 5 45 PERFECT PUSSY
4 20 - 4 50 EAGULLS
3 20 - 3 50 FAT WHITE FAMILY
2 20 - 2 50 BO NINGEN
1 25 - 1 50 SOHN
12 35 - 1 00 D.D DUMBO
11 45 - 12 10 THE CREASES

4 50 - 5 20 GLASS ANIMALS
3 50 - 4 20 FOREST SWORDS
2 50 - 3 20 THE RANGE
1 50 - 2 20 MUTUAL BENEFIT
1 00 - 1 25 TOURIST
12 10 - 12 35 KIRIN J CALLINAN

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Laneway Raises $40K for Yiriman Project via Dean Turner Project

In 2014, the Laneway Festival was again honoured to present a stage named after one of our local music heroes, Dean Turner and are proud to be supporting the Yiriman Project in his name. 

This year Laneway organisers donated 50 cents for every ticket purchased nationally and offered a $2 donation option to ticket buyers to support the charity. A total of over $40,000 was raised and will go directly into programs devoted to helping Aboriginal youth in the Kimberley region who face devastating suicide rates, issues with self-harm, substance abuse and a loss of cultural identity. Through this reconnection young people gain strength and resilience to build positive stories which they could take with them back to their towns and communities.

The festival was especially excited to host the Yiriman Project Market Stall in Fremantle where punters could purchase one-of-a-kind, hand-made items by some of the Kimberley's best Aboriginal artisans and meet them at the stall.


"The Yiriman Project is such an important and relevant cultural healing. It is an incredible privilege to be involved and to learn from these communities. At a time when the government is cutting crucial funding to a vulnerable & disadvantaged peoples, we are honoured to continue our support for Yiriman to help them achieve their goals; to empower from within, preserve the ancient culture and strengthen the next generation.

Importantly, we have discovered in the Aboriginal community, nothing is done just for the individual, but always for the betterment of all.

Thank you to the big hearts at Laneway for their commitment to Yiriman and achieving this in Dean’s name.” - Linda Bosidis (The Dean Turner Project)

Read more about it here.

Special Thanks

The festival organisers would also like to thank the following individual and organisations for their support of Laneway Festival, without which it wouldn't exist:

  • Brisbane City Council
  • City of Fremantle
  • City of Port Adelaide Enfield
  • Footscray Community Arts Centre
  • Leichhardt Council
  • Maribyrnong Festival City
  • Martin Elbourne and The Don Dunstan Foundation
  • Renewal SA
  • RNA Brisbane
  • Sydney College of the Arts (SCA)

Danny Rogers, co-founder of Laneway Festival also notes, "It's important for everyone to remember that without forward thinking councils and open-minded stakeholders, a unique event like Laneway Festival would not be possible. These groups’ support of Laneway is essential to our ability to strengthen a strong sense of community life and cultural identity in each city."

The Laneway Festival would also like to especially thank S.A Live Music Thinker-In-Residence, Martin Elbourne, and the Don Dunstan Foundation for both finding the new festival site and introducing organisers to key members of the council and Renewal SA, who together helped create a strong vision and successful event in Port Adelaide.

Thanks again for all involved in this year's Laneway Festival. Stay tuned for more Laneway-related news throughout the year.