The party starts this weekend! Laneway Festival kicks off in Singapore this Saturday, with the first Australian date (Brisbane, Thursday Jan 26) in less than a week. Check out our playing times and maps below or via the Laneway Festival app, available to download for free.

Brisbane - Melbourne - Adelaide - Sydney - Fremantle

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We¹ve added tonnes more vendors to our huge food and beverage line-up. Get Familiar with the already-announced vendors in Bris/Melb/Adel/Syd and Freo, then feast your eyes on this:

In Brisbane, BBQ specialists Crafted Q are joining the mix, alongside Hi-Yo, Fiery Deli and the producers from Wandering Cooks. In Melbourne, look out for the authentic Cajun street food, artisan cheese c/o Milk the Cow, and more.

Festival-goers at Port Adelaide are in for a treat. Try La Chiva (our fave South American street food), delicious Southeast Asian street food by Sookie La La, or Low and Slow American BBQ - the name says it all. Plus! There will be hot doughnuts, churros and coffee at Adelaide¹s new doughnut van (Van Dough) and Sunshine ice blocks made from fresh fruit. Yum!

In Sydney, check out the Agape Organic Food Truck, Paella Time, the delicious Nepali cuisine and more. If you¹re in Freo say hello to our new friends from Sabroso Cantina (sliders, tacos and more), snack on dumplings from Jumplings, or visit local fish & chip heros Sweetlips.

If it's ice-cream that floats your boat, check out our New Zealand Natural ice cream carts in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Freo.

You¹ll be sippin¹ cold craft beers in every city at Laneway 2017. Here¹s what¹s on offer and where to find it:

Our beloved staple Stone & Wood will be in Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide, and Canberra¹s new craft brewers Capital Brewing Co will be stationed in Brisbane and Sydney. We have Mismatch Brew in Adelaide; Pirate Life¹s American style ales in Adelaide, Sydney, and Melbourne; and East 9th Brewing in Sydney and Melbourne (hot tip: try the Ginger Beer).

Other Melbourne vendors include local experts Shikki, Temple, and West City Brewers. At our last stop in Freo, kegs brought to you by Feral, Otherside Brewing and Colonial (one of the first breweries to open in the region). Enjoy!


Check out episode two of our new podcast ŒLaneway Presents: Side of Stage¹. In this ep, Laneway Festival co-founder Danny Rogers speaks with Corey Smyth (manager of Dave Chappelle and Vince Staples, amongst other things) about growing up in Harlem, how he sold a rare baseball card to kickstart his career in music (seriously), and lots more.

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