For the second time ever, Laneway in 2023 will be 16+ in every Australian city! We're thrilled to be able to host more music-lovers at the festival in February - and have put together a run-down of everything you need to know. 

Before purchasing tickets, make sure you've had a thorough read of the Youth Policy for your city - as these rules differ from state to state, and must be abided by to attend the festival.

Click below to make sure you're familiar with the rules:






Please note that there are no exceptions to the Youth Policy rules.

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On site at each city, there will also be designated 16+ chill out areas, which will include places to sit, charge your phone, seek medical attention/ additional care if required, and access free drinking water - these will be noted on the Maps which are released in early 2023 prior to the festival.

If you have any other questions about attending Laneway Festival as a 16 or 17 year-old, please email us on: [email protected] and we'll endeavour to answer your question!

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