Dream Wife have shared a second remix of their latest single 'Fire' exclusively with Laneway Festival. Upcoming London producer biLLy seamlessly manages to strip back all instrumentals leaving Rakel's vocals to shine through, transforming the song from an edgy post-punk track into a bouncy summer hit. Check out the remix along with some special facts about the band below and don't forget you can catch Dream Wife on the Laneway Festival tour in 2018 by purchasing tickets here.


1. We have a major thing for Club Mate, the German, carbonated, mate root elixir.
2. Rakel flies out Britsh drag queens from London over to Reykjavik each month for a drag show. They're craving for drag over there.
3. Alice is a hoarder of vintage musical equipment. This has evolved from hoarding any kind of vintage electric equipment.
4. Bella is deep into Tarot (also she's a witch.)
5. In the tour van, post show, we turn on the disco lights and freak out to the Spice Girls.