Iain and Lauren from CHVRCHES dropped by yesterday to takeover the Laneway Festival Facebook page and chat with fans from all over the world. We put together some of the highlights in case you missed it.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the chat and asked questions.

CHVRCHES are playing Laneway Festival in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Fremantle as well as Auckland and Singapore. Plus, two very special sideshows in Melbourne and Sydney. Tickets on sale now.

Fletcher Deez: I’m very impressed with the way you deal with 4chain’s shit Lauren. Your essay in the Guardian in particular was fantastic. Kudos! On a side note, any chance of Jawas being sampled on the next CHVRCHES release?

LM: Thanks, pal. I know there are some cool folks on 4chain who have been supportive of the band, but there are an AWFUL lot of bullshit hat foes on there too. No sign of the jawa sample at this stage – live only…

Tash Miranda: Best gig you’ve ever played?

I: oooft that’s a tough question! So many to choose from, it’s been an insane year. One of the most memorable ones though was Stubbs a few days ago. It was 40 degrees out (Fahrenheit) and everyone was freezing but somehow pull together and had a great time. There was a massive wind blew up during the end of Tether which felt like it was part of the show. Great night. 

Ric Sugandi: Who would win in a fight: a man sized baby or a baby sized man? 

I: A tiger. 

What do you do to kill time on those long trips from city to city?

I: We recently acquired a GameCube and a copy of Mario Kart double-dash. Martin and I have been obsessively shaving quarter second off each others’ times on a few choice tracks.

Jerome Lee: How would you guys prepare for a zombie apocalypse? 

LM: Gather supplies and weapons and head to an open, rural space, not a city.

I: The best bet would be to stockpile fuel and steal a helicopter. I have seen Dawn of the Dead.

Pola Farinas: If you were to have roles in the Hobbit/Lord of the Rings movies, who would you be and why? And is there a difference when you perform for your native audience and American audience?

LM: Crowds are a bit different depending on what the culture of the place is like, but people in the UK and the US have been awesome to us. LOTR- wise, I would say Aragorn but really probably Misc Unnamed Background Elf.

I: I like this question. I would like to be the voie of Smaug. I like Dragons. There is not a massive difference really. Americans go a bit more nuts as a general rule of thumb. Which is a good thing.

Romain Cql: WHAT AN ALBVUM! Which songs came first? 

LM: Of those on the album, Mother and Lies were written first. By the Throat was last.

Cihan Saral: Why do you have an agenda against the letter ‘U’? Sincerely, a concerned citizen. 

I: Vowel hatred. Working on that E as well…bah.

Lauren Brown: Forgive my stupidity but are you guys doing side tours in Australia?

LM: We have some sideshows planned and they are listed at chvrch.es/shows! 

Lara Hill: Congrats on the much deserved recognition Chvrches has received this year. Any plans to come to Brisbane next time you’re in Oz? It’s very warm here…

LM: We are in Brisbane for Laneway on 31 Jan!

Vlad Ilkevich: What are your favourite drinks?

I: I love malt whisky and real ale and coffee very much!

LM: Moscow mule, mulled cider or a good, classy beer.

Secret Company: Would you rather have a pet dragon or be a dragon? 

I: I would much rather be a Dragon. Think of how much hot sauce you would have to consume to stay FIERY!!!

Kelsey Jade Conroy: Advice for musicians to get their name out there? 

I: Think outside of the box – rather than going down the traditional line of doing things. But write loads and keep writing, after that, quality control is the best thing you can possibly have as an artist.

Matt Cullingworth: If there was one song you wish you’d written what would it be? PS not been excited about a band since I heard Music For The Masses back in 1987.

LM: Stay, Shakspears Sister…

I: This Must Be The Place by Talking Heads…or Billie Jean by Michael Jackson…or Enjoy The Silence by Depec…oh no that’s three

Francis Worthington: Iain is that your natural hair? 

I: HAHAH What does that even mean?!?!?!?!

Emi Hidic: What’s your favourite Australian city? By the way I’m in absolute tears about the opportunity to see y’all live.

LM: I like Sydney a lot but have only ever been there and Melbourne so it’d be cool to see more places!

Jason Simionato: Where are you gonna party after Laneway? 

LM: We are playing a bunch of side shows but will list any after party things as we get them. 

James Quick: Hi Lauren and Iain, which band or artist are you most looking forward to touring with next January/February for Laneway?

I: So many treats to choose from! Warpaint will be fantastic. Frightened Rabbit are legendary. Loving Unknown Mortal Orchestra…too many choices. 

LM: Jezabels, Frightened Rabbit, Warpaint, Savages.

David Judd: Caught your show at Corner Hotel in Melbourne. It was crazy. What are you guys going to bring to Laneway and will there be a great light show again?

LM: The show has been developed a bit since the record came out an we’ll be playing the updated set at Laneway so hopefully you guys can dig it.