Name A Stage

We recently put the call out for some stage name suggestions on Insta Stories and were blown away by the response we received. So we decided we really want to give you guys a chance to the name a stage and win some tickets to Laneway Festival so you can catch it in all its glory. We'll choose our favourite name/entry and you'll win a double pass to the festival plus bragging rights when everyone is talking about the incredible artists performing on YOUR stage! 

What you win - YOU WIN A STAGE! WELL KINDA, YOU NAME THE STAGE AND WIN THE GLORY. Plus if you don’t already have a ticket (um, why) we’ll give you a double VIP pass to come check out your handy work and take some stage selfies. If you already have tickets, we’ll upgrade you to VIP! We'll also give you the chance to stand side of (your) stage while an artist tears it up! 

Who can enter - Anyone in Australia can enter but you'll need to be the appropriate age for entry: 16+ for Adelaide, Fremantle, Brisbane and Melbourne entry / 18+ for Sydney entry.

How to enter - We want you to get creative and post a photo or video presenting 'Your Stage'. And no it doesn't need to be 2 meters high and 20 meters wide - ‘Your Stage’ might look like some milk crates, an aisle in your local supermarket, a drawing or a stick stage! Creativity has no boundaries.  Be sure to post the photo on Instagram along with the name of ‘your stage’ and the hashtags #Laneway2020 #Lanewaystage #(the city you're naming the stage for). Check out some inspo below!

Competition terms and conditions are here.

Laneway Express Icons/Angle DownCreated with Sketch.

Maybe you see some inspiration whilst walking down the street and your bus stop is your main stage?!

Clean Up On Aisle Laneway Icons/Angle DownCreated with Sketch.

Shopping or performance art? Turn that experience in public to YOUR stage.

No Sleep For Stage Icons/Angle DownCreated with Sketch.

We wouldn't be surprised to learn about the number of Laneway artists the have prepared on a stage in the privacy of their own room before walking out to a sea of thousands in Footscray Park!