Surprising. Mysterious. Legendary. These are the words that describe both Alfredo Cerda, the namesake of Laneway's newest stage, ALFREDO'S DANCE TUNNEL, and the experience you can expect when some of the country and the world's most exciting new electronic talent hit Laneway Auckland in 2020.

Alfredo, Melbourne icon and long-time friend of the original St Jerome's Bar, was a regular presence in the early days of the Laneway Festival. He was a Mr Fix-It, a regular MacGyver, who would often appear out of nowhere to solve all your problems and guarantee a great show. It is in this spirit that the Laneway Festival presents the new dedicated dance stage: Alfredo’s Dance Tunnel, featuring scene-leading local dance parties alongside some world-class talent putting some doof into your favourite day in the park. Read on for the full line-up.