The bewitching Wellington trio of childhood friends that is indie psych band MERMAIDENS, form a powerful trinity of unwavering creativity and relentless work ethic. Signed to iconic indie label Flying Nun Records, they have released two critically acclaimed albums: Perfect Body which served up the mesmerising tracks ‘Sunstone’ and the equally sinister ‘Satsuma’ and the just released Look Me In The Eye with glorious singles ‘I Might Disappear’ and ‘Millennia’ Characterised by twinkly reverb-laden guitar lines, rich vocal harmonies and vibrant drums, it’s easy to see why Mermaidens ethereal and haunting music leaves audiences enchanted.

No need to leave your fins at the gate, Laneway 2020 welcomes all Finfolk, Melusines, Selkies and Water-Nymphs. Embrace your inner merman/mermaid, take a mesmerising dip into the shimmering realms of post-punk psych rock and get caught up in the swell of Mermaidens hypnotic live synergy, this is one merfolk gathering you won’t want to miss!