One of the world’s most exciting young DJs - Kedr Livanskiy’s second album, Your Need, is a celebration of life and rebirth. Making waves across the music world - PITCHFORK 7.2 “make you wish it never had to end” & THE GUARDIAN 4* “a DJ, producer and singer whose shoegaze-y electronic music sounds as if it has arrived in
a time capsule from a retro-futurist era.”

Livanskiy was born in 1990 and grew up in the years immediately following the dissolution of the Soviet Union. As a child she split her time between Moscow and a village where her grandmother lived. Yet despite moving frequently between the two contrasting landscapes, she says, “I don’t remember anything related to the city. All my memories [are of the] village, nature and [my] grandmother.” It’s an odd paradox, to remember one place but not the other, but it might explain why Livanskiy’s music has an unusually restless quality that references both past and present trends in electronic music.