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What's in a festival? Looking beyond the #LanewaySG line-up

Since releasing the line-up that has gotten everybody talking, we’ve been working real hard trying to create a masterpiece of a festival experience just for you. It’s not easy, but it’s definitely worth it, so we started by asking a panel of industry friends “What’s in a festival?” and here’s the consensus:

Priya Dewan, Managing Director of Feedback Asia, who has decided to go for festivals such as Bestival even before knowing their line-up, says it is the vibe and experience that matters. Zul Andra, Freelance Writer/ Publicist agrees; “If I remember correctly, it was my first ever ZoukOut in 2004. I didn't know much about the music then, but got the tickets because ZoukOut was pretty renowned and I loved the vibe at the club... And that was all that mattered at that point of time- the vibe, not really the line-up.”

“A great sound system is a must. Without it even the best music sounds terrible,” says Vanessa Fernandez, Presenter/Assistant Programme Director at Lush 99.5, who will also be performing at #LanewaySG as the sultry Vandetta. “I also appreciate it when everything seems to flow nicely and you feel safe and free to enjoy yourself… Two years ago Laneway I had a little survival kit with a poncho and it was helpful because it was raining heavily but everyone still had such a good time.”

Speaking of Mother Nature; as we all know, outdoor festivals are always at her mercy- but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, as Hidzir Junaini, Former Music Editor of JUICE Magazine points out. “This isn’t exactly something that can be recreated, but the rain and the mud during the first Laneway Singapore made it incredibly memorable. We were all drenched, dirty and dancing in the downpour – it felt like a mini-Glastonbury!”

Yet, it always seems to boil down to the people. 

“My favorite part of the festival is being able to spend the day outdoors with a big group of my friends, and meet new friends, who share a passion for music. Everybody is in a terrific mood and it is such a happy atmosphere to be in,” Priya shares. Vanessa agrees wholeheartedly, adding, “Because the Laneway Festival is so well-curated it attracts people who are generally there for the music- easy-going, discerning music lovers who don't care about who's there but having a good time. The combination of great friends and great music is unbeatable.”

So gather your friends, and come down to The Meadow, Gardens by the Bay on Saturday, 25 January, and have an awesome experience with us.

Tickets are available at Sistic and Eventclique.


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