Stella Blogs: Round 2



Singapore was an explosion of sound, sweat and sexy summer rain. For a minute I thought the weather would surely overpower our good intentions and frail alt-rock bodies. 

Luckily, the rain subsided just in time for the first act, which happened to be us. When it returned, it served as a gentle and fitting accompaniment to the gorgeous sounds of Beach House (pictured right).

It was a great success*! Everyone was smiling so much I thought their lips might catch on fire.

The day off was much the same.

Chris from Yeasayer and I took in a 'mall marathon' of sorts.

We had Pina Coladas* and got caught in the rain! We found a store which recreates action figures in your image* and a Kenny Loggins owned chicken joint (long since defunct in America).


See here.

All in all, Singapore was fresh.




We arrive in Auckland this afternoon to a gentleman holding a sign that reads 'Wall Paint'.


He has a kind face with inquisitive eyes and asks us immediately: 'Are you involved with the band?'

I answer like some sarcastic feminist: 'Yes, of course. Wall Paint are our boyfriends. We follow them everywhere,' quickly realizing this is a unnecessary, cruel and largely unfunny joke. Forgive me Driver Ron.

Till next time when we explore the mysteries of Australia's most threatening and impressive cousin: NEW ZEALAND.

In an attempt to stir up some friendly competition between the two countries, I give you an ambiguous image of crunked kangaroo.


Your e-pal,


Stella Mozgawa


* I receive no compensation for this critique. Purely scientific.

* Less Pina Colada and more Iced Durian (a local fruit that smells like feet)

* Creepy but true!


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