Melbourne Laneway Wrap

After a night of biblical rain, Melbourne woke up to a sodden, partly flooded city last Saturday morning, the sky an ominous gun-metal grey. To make sure the sold-out festival went ahead as planned, the heroic Melbourne crew worked through the night preparing the site. By the time the first punters arrived at midday on Saturday, ponchos in hand, everything was ready to go.

Miraculously, despite the sky continuing to threaten through the day, the rain held off, allowing for a truly excellent day and night of music.

'Despite the odds, [Laneway] proved to be bigger and better than ever,' FasterLouder wrote in its review of the festival. 'It was almost impossible not to have a good time, at least where the line-up was concerned. Patrons were always assured of a stellar day of music, but in reality, the festival was everything to be expected and more. Meanwhile, not one drop of rain fell upon the festival site. That says it all, really: this day, in so many ways, proved to be truly spectacular.'

Among the many highlights were L.A. psych rockers Warpaint, whose mesmerising set finished with an enormous, loud and appreciate crowd.

'Warpaint are the type of band that makes you want to be in a band,' Ariel Katz wrote in the The Vine's great, in-depth review of the festival. 'They are four babes –– three with guitars and one on drums –– each with an almost siren quality that makes it difficult to look away. The song structures (and their tempo shifts), the layered vocals, the swirling sounds, the atmosphere, the intensity, the way they writhe about all the while, made this, easily, one of the days musical highlights.'

After an enormous set in Brisbane, Les Savy Fav frontman Tim Harrington took things one better in Melbourne, putting a birthday cake out on his chest before jumping in the Maribyrnong. To finish the set, the burly, bearded one proceeded to drink some of the river's water from his shoe. No one who saw this set will forget it in a hurry.

Among the other standouts were awesome sets by Very West winner Baptism of Uzi, Bear In Heaven, Holy Fuck and Local Natives. Mess & Noise, in their review, were particularly taken with World's End Press ('they're surely our next dance crossover world-beaters, following eagerly in the path Midnight Juggernauts and Cut Copy have paved') Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti ('saggy pop perfection') and Blonde Redhead ('a fantastic show').

Check out all the action in our photos below.

Photos by Daniel Boud