Meet Your Laneway Guest Blogger: Warpaint's Stella Mozgawa

Good afternoon legends of Laneway!

Do not be afraid! From this moment on I will be your faithful and punctual interweb based correspondent.

Alas, I am not just a machine. I have feelings and skills too. I lust, I laugh, I clean my living quarters (sometimes) and, lucky for you, I BLOG.

In my spare time, I play in a band called Warpaint. We all have boobs. Pretty neat. They hail from the good old USA whereas I am true blue Australian (actually.. Polish but I won't bore you with my genealogy. I'll save that for the next entry).

Enough a/s/l'ing, let's talk FUTURES.

I intend to give you thorough and occasionally entertaining reports from inside the festival, primarily the American reaction to things like "spiders", "meat pies" and "hygiene".

Look forward to pictures of:

• Bands

• Sunburnt skin


... and more! Hopefully.

The festival begins in Singapore this Saturday and will take us across Australia with little snackings on New Zealand. We are most excited! The girls are so excited now they cannot bear the sensation and are fast asleep. One part jet lag, one million parts anticipation.

Can't wait, we'll be seeing you at your local Laneway celebre.

God speed!


Stella Mozgawa


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