Laneway To Easily Combat Brisbane Weather

The Brisbane forecast for Saturday's Laneway Festival suggests a day of showers. While these are predicted to move mostly along the coast, organisers are taking no chances and will host all stage areas undercover.

'All stages and punter viewing areas of tomorrow's event will be hosted undercover ensuring that both the amazing bands and the punters that we want to have the best experience possible can enjoy these artists without the hindrance of wet weather,' co-promoter Danny Rogers says.

'The beauty of this site is that it is capable of being hosted undercover and we've always had a back up wet weather plan up our sleeve for this show.'

Rogers also wanted to respond to feedback about some timetable clashes.

'The main issue is that we have such a solid line-up of artists that it is inevitable that there would be a few time clashes. For various reasons we will not go into here, this is a common and unfortunate aspect of having a phenomenal multistage line-up.

'The good thing is that we are a small boutique event and it is possible to walk between each stage in under three minutes so everyone can get a very good taste of every act on the bill if they want to.'

Organisers of the event have a couple of bits of advice to everyone attending tomorrow's event. Please wear sturdy footwear (no thongs), and  please note that no umbrellas will be permitted into this event.

'Despite a week of crazy tropical weather, the vibe on the festival in Brisbane is unbelievably positive,' Rogers concludes. 'Everything from our end is well on track to deliver a brilliant event, the showers will prove a wonderful relief and the cooler weather conditions are pretty much perfect for an event in Brisbane.'

Limited tickets for the event are still available –– pick them up here.


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