Laneway Markets brought to you by The Thousands

This year The Thousands are using their powers to present independent designer markets at Laneway Festival in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. After last year's dunking booth incidents, they promise to refocus their efforts upon non-nude, safety-first activities (in most cities). Look out for local designers from Chip Chop to Nine Lives Gallery; Philos-O-Face badges, film cameras, Truffaux hats and zines. Oh, and baked goods. Heavy metal baked goods. Drop by The Thousands welcome table in your city for sunscreen, directions, typewriter services and conversation.

Click below to find out more about the Laneway Markets in your city (and - if you missed out on tickets - go into the running to win a double pass):

Brisbane - FourThousand

Melbourne - ThreeThousand

Sydney - TwoThousand

Adelaide - FiveThousand

Perth - SixThousand

The people at The Thousands spend every week in their home cities rounding up the best independent designer stuff, parties, gigs, street fashion, books, movies, albums, art and weird-ass activities for the wholesome distraction of discerning people. Then they ping these to thousands of Australian inboxes, for FREE! Sign up for the weekly newsletter in your home city or check the sites for daily updates.

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