Laneway Gets A Blog

Hola! and welcome to the Laneway Festival blog. Over the coming weeks and months, we'll be blogging about all things Laneway, including everything to do with this year's massively exciting festivities.

But we'll also be casting our net wider, taking a look at various things we (and hopefully you) find exciting in the world of music: festivals, bands, scenes and neighbourhoods from which excellent sounds and visions spring.


We'll be taking a look at great sounds and sights from all over the globe, meeting an array of characters along the way. At the same time, we'll hopefully be able to give you a sense of the people behind Laneway, and how the festival came to be and where it's going.


We want you to be a big part of this new blog. We'd love for y'all to tell us what you've been listening to or going to see. We want you to tell us if we're nuts, or where else we should be looking. Comment. Rant. Tell us what you're thinking. And, of course, like you are at the festivals themselves, be excellent to each other.


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In our inaugural blog post, we take a look at a small pocket of the world whose music has been exciting us for some time: downtown L.A.'s Echo Park and Silver Lake districts, home to Ariel Pink, Best Coast and No Age, and a growing list of vital, exciting new bands, some of whom you might already know, and some of whom might not have crossed your radar yet.


Could it be the most exciting music scene in the states right now? Could it be the new Brooklyn? Could this new breed of L.A. bands be so hepped up on Vitamin D they don't even care? Read on.


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