Laneway Festival Sydney sells out in record time

LANEWAY FESTIVAL SYDNEY SELLS OUT IN RECORD TIME...other cities on track to follow.

The Sydney leg of the St Jerome's Laneway Festival sold out yesterday, just a few hours after tickets went on sale.  The Melbourne event is set to follow, with the remaining tickets only available from Polyester Records and 1000 £ BEND.

This marks a new record for the festival, which went on sale at 9am yesterday.  Tickets to the Auckland, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide events are selling quickly and are also on track to sell out in record time.

Co-promoter and programmer Danny Rogers: 

'We are astounded and completely thrilled with the remarkable response we've had to this stellar line up. We crafted a bill purely on our taste and it's incredible to see we've touched a nerve. We're all super excited and expect to see loads and loads of really small but super special little surprises and improvements on Laneway. On behalf of the team at Laneway, thank you for your support'