Five international breakthrough acts for 2013

2012 has been another stellar year in music. Given the quality of emerging acts both locally and abroad we thought it’d be fun to take a look at five acts we think will breakthrough internationally in 2013. So without further adieu:

Purity Ring

Shrines, Purity Ring’s debut long player, was released in July to much critical acclaim and is definitely one of the Laneway team’s favourite albums of this year. It features a slew of catchy off-kilter synth chords, trip-hop style percussion, haunting vocals and weird lyrical subject matter of which Purity Ring whet our collective appetites earlier this year with tracks such as ‘Ungirthed’ and ‘Belispeak'. Pitchfork gave the record an 8.4 and cemented what we all think; these guys are an act to keep a close eye on.

Check out the video for single ‘Fineshrine’ below:


Hailing from North London, Elena Torna AKA Daughter is promising big things in 2013. Daughter have presented two irresistible EPs thus far, His Young Heart and The Wild Youth, and one of the many highlights is the track ‘Love’ - a slow burner featuring Torna’s angelic vocals, a stuttering drum pattern and a subtle piano loop, which holds things together beautifully. We couldn't have said it better than the good folks at This Is Fake DIY who have described Daughter's genre-bending sound as, “Daughter makes traditional folk elements into something far bigger, spellbinding, sometimes even exquisite

Have a listen to ‘Home (Live from London’s Assembly Hall)’ and tweet us your thoughts!


Japandroids have been around for a while but on their latest album Celebration Rock they turn in one of the strongest records of 2012. This is a record that really slaps you across the face and demands your attention. ‘The House That Heaven Built’ has been all over triple j recently and we’re happy to call this one of the singles of the year - “When they love you, and they will. Tell ‘em all they’ll love in my shadow. And if they try to slow you down, tell ‘em all to go to hell” – it’s awesome stuff! Listen closely to Japandroids and you’ll discover a two-piece band that is both dense in the detail and genius in lyrical content… Live they are one of the most exciting bands in the world at the moment.

Check out the video for ‘The House That Heaven Built':


Hands up who can’t resist Haim’s super-infectious single ‘Forever’? We’re definitely guilty of adding about 100 plays to the YouTube count. ‘Forever’ sounds both familiar and fresh at the same time, and we think it'll be soundtracking the Aussie summer in one way or another! Haim's sound is often described as a mix of R&B and folk, a fusion of two very different genres that somehow works wonders for the three sisters from Californ-i-a. If you haven’t heard ‘Forever,’ do yourself a favour. With an album set for release in early 2013 and a live show that belies their age: Haim are poised to be a serious contendor in 2013.

Jessie Ware

We’re making the call now that Jessie Ware’s album Devotion will be at the top of nearly every discerning music lover’s year-end poll. Some of you may not have heard the name just yet, but we’re certain you’ve heard the voice. Ware was a featured vocalist on one of last year’s strongest records, the self-titled debut by SBTRKT. Ware provided the stunning vocals on the tracks ‘Right Thing To Do’ and ‘Sanctuary’, but now it’s finally time for her to shine in her own right.

Go behind the scenes of Ware’s first headline performance, ‘Live at the Nave’ - we can’t wait to catch her live somewhere in the world really soon:

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