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Exclusive stream of new Ali Barter of single

We're thrilled to bring you an exclusive stream of Laneway 2016 artist ALI BARTER's new single, 'Far Away'. 

Ali said: “I felt this pressure building right through 2015. I was very proud of the last release AB-EP, but it didn’t quite hit the spot. I started to feel like everyone had a fucking opinion about what I should do, or how I should look or act on stage.”

“On top of that, everyone around me in Melbourne starting really hitting their straps. It seemed like everyone released or recorded a great album in 2015, I started asking myself the same questions and saying ‘c’mon Ali, keep up’. So I got out, I went to LA, I felt so free on the other side of the world, unknown and with no expectations… I sat down with Harlan in his garage and it all came out.”

Catch Ali Barter on east coast dates at Laneway Festival 2016. 



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