And The Winner of The Very West 2011 Is... Drunk Mums!

We have a winner! Drunk Mums will play at the Melbourne Laneway Festival after taking out The Very West 2011 competition.

Every year, St Jeromes Laneway Festival teams up with Footscray Community Arts Centre to run The Very West: a competition where local unsigned artists from Melbourne's western suburbs are given the opportunity to kick start their career. On 3 December, six bands performed for a panel of judges, vying for a place on the Laneway stage.

Drunk Mums scooped the top prize, impressing every single judge on The Very West's panel. The band brings the hazy sound of '70s garage/surf rock to the 21st century with energy, dynamism, some classy songwriting and an impressive mastery of their instruments. Making their start in sunny Cairns, the Yarraville-based four-piece credit their influences to The Black Keys, The Mummies and Junior Kimbrough. 

Following their Very West win, Drunk Mums have earned themselves a spot on the line up at next year's St Jerome's Laneway Festival in Melbourne! In addition to this, the band will be treated to a mentorship at Footscray Community Arts Centre, including everything from rehearsal spaces to workshops with some of Australia's finest music industry professionals. Then, to finish off the program, The Very West 2011 win also guarantees them an invitation to perform at Australia's premiere international music showcase, Big Sound, in Brisbane next September. (Thanks to FCAC and Big Sound for the great prizes.) 

Five other bands from Melbourne's west performed at Footscray Community Arts Centre alongside Drunk Mums. A packed  –– and wonderfully responsive –– crowd in FCAC's beautiful Peformance Space enjoyed Major Napier's choice of superhero costumes; Granston Display's comedy and music; Zero Flag's lingering synthy tones and Loki's catchy songs coupled with some hula hoop action on the dance floor. And Madre Monte, winners of the 'People's Choice Award', invited nearly the entire audience onto the stage with their traditional Columbian music.

Check out this year's Very West finalists:

Drunk Mums

Granston Display


Madre Monte

Major Napier

Zero Flag


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