Album Review: Japandroids - Celebration Rock

After last year's very well received series of Laneway album reviews, we're going to roll out a few more, with, as always, a cool competition to coincide with them:

Naming it Celebration Rock, Japandroids reviewed their album better than anyone else ever could. It’s an eight track salute to booze soaked summer days and a rallying cry for youthful invincibility. This record is the product of two dudes from Vancouver who wrote another album purely so they could continue touring and keep on livin’ the dream.

There’s no slow build-up and subtle layering of atmosphere here. From the opening fireworks explosions on ‘The Nights of Wine and Roses’ you are cannonballed into a party already ten beers deep. Here on in the pace is relentless with the band ripping through an entire album in just over half an hour.

The party peaks with second last track ‘The House That Heaven Built’, the current single warming up the hype machine with good reason. But the two-piece that plays like a five-piece slows things down for closing track ‘Continuous Thunder’ and in the process proves there’s depth to this shindig - dumb frat house party rock this is not. 

There’s a nagging feeling that won’t leave Celebration Rock. The same vaguely unsettling memory-tug when you can’t quite remember the name of someone you’ve met before. These sounds are familiar, the Springsteen vocals minus the gravitas, Black Lips with sincerity and a collage of all the rock that came before. Over 35 minutes you’ll sift through a hundred names but only one will feel right: Japandroids.

Jade Lloyd


If you'd like to win a copy of Celebration Rock on vinyl (thanks to our friends at Inertia) tell us in 25 words or less why you're looking forward to seeing Japandroids at Laneway 2013. Email us at



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