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Laneway Festival is incredibly proud to partner with Plus 1 for the 2016 event.  Plus 1 is a socially-focused organisation that connects artists, causes and music fans. Plus 1 partners with bands and events who make a $1 donation for every concert ticket sold, with 100% going to charity organisations of the band/event’s choice. Through this initiative, more than $2 million has been raised for leading social justice organisations tackling issues from poverty and injustice to the environment by artists including Arcade Fire, The National, St. Vincent, CHVRCHES, Sufjan Stevens and more.  

Laneway Festival’s chosen charity partners for 2016 are Yiriman and Oxfam (Syria crisis).  Marika Anthony-Shaw, Founder and President of Plus1, says: 

“We couldn't be more excited to partner with Laneway to launch Plus1 in Australia. Laneway’s always been about bringing community together and to be working together in support of Yiriman and Oxfam is exactly what it’s all about” 

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Laneway Festival is proud to celebrate one of our local music heroes, Dean Turner, and honoured to be supporting the Yiriman Project in his name. 

Since 2011, you have raised over $68,000 which goes directly into programs devoted to helping Aboriginal youth in the Kimberley region (including a devastating suicide rate of 1 in 1,200) by taking them ‘back to Country’ in the company of their Elders, where they can begin to reconnect with their culture and strengthen their sense of identity. The Elders saw the need for a way in which youth could separate themselves from negative influences and, through the care and guidance of older generations, reconnect with their culture in remote and culturally significant places.

For more information about the Dean Turner Project and Yiriman, click here

OXFAM (Syria crisis)

“We had to leave because of the war and shelling in our town ... the whole town was on fire. Our house was on the ground because of the fire. We had to leave with just our clothes that we were wearing.” – Hanin Al Halayal, Syrian refugee.

The crisis in Syria has raged for more than four years, during which time more than 200,000 people have been killed. More than 11 million people have fled their homes and around 4 million refugees have fled to neighbouring countries. Three-quarters of these refugees are women and children.

OXJAM is raising money to make sure Oxfam Australia can continue providing millions of people living in refugee camps in Lebanon and Jordan, as well as people still living in Syria, with food, clean water and sanitation.

You can help people like Hanin by purchasing a Laneway ticket. Every dollar counts in helping to put an end to this humanitarian crisis.


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